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I made a successful transition from one of Venezuela's leading newspapers into broadcast journalism in the US.

During my career in New York City, where I delivered the latest news on NY1 Noticias, I provided live coverage of major national events such as the US Airways water landing on the Hudson River in 2009; and reported on the field during Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the US in 2008.

Viewers in Latin America and the rest of the country might know me best for the show "De Moda" on Yahoo! en Español, where I had the pleasure to interview celebrities, cover red carpets, and present


the latest trends in beauty and fashion.

In 2003 I traveled to Cuba to produce a series of stories for Bay News 9 en Español that connected the communist island to the Tampa Bay area in Florida.

It was during that time when I got my "15 seconds of fame", after being showcased in John Travolta and Thomas Jane's Punisher movie.  

Before moving to the US, I was a reporter for El Nacional newspaper in Venezuela and its franchised publication Internet World.

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